Flatland is a short book written in 1884 by Edwin A Abbott who was a writer and mathemetician. I read it myself when I was only 10, in 1955. It fascinated me then but I never came across it since or met anyone who had heard of it. Then, by chance, I found it on the web, typed in and coded by Eric Eldred. I downloaded it for my own use. Recently I discovered that his site has disappeared and his emails bounce so without his permission I have put all his work on my site. If Eric should contact me with a new site I will gladly take the pages off and insert a link.

The pages are almost the same as I downloaded and have some gif images and some links missing.

There is an undoubted anachronistic sexist leaning in some of the writing; please ignore this and look for the dimensional concepts expounded.

So come with me to..... Flatland