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HPDavid I am a Wiccan teacher in East Anglia, England, teaching British Traditional Wicca and the Western Mystery tradition. I ran a successful Wicca 101 study group in Cambridge for many years but now I only teach one-on-one or small advanced groups. My main Wiccan work is now as HP of WMT-TwinPaths which is a support group for seekers taking my online course. If you require basic teaching you are welcome to take my on-line course while still attending your present moot, circle, physical workshops and rituals. Write to HPDavidisle-of-avalon dot com
If you are in East Anglia and require a teaching group please contact Maria (based in Cambridge) on mariagsnchzyahoo.co.uk or Lin (based in Thetford) on malikthyoyahoo.co.uk

For other areas contact me and I will put in touch with your nearest WMT members.

For details of other rituals and events in East Anglia do go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OpenRitual/

New Jersey: For our Trenton group WMT-SacredFlame run by Florence contact shilnagig aol dot com.

Arkansas: Fayetteville group run by Sherry, David's Somercamp HPS. It is called Crystal Rose Circle. For details contact me.

Brazil: Run by Maximira. It is called Dragon's Labyrinth


Somercamp is about 5 days spent in intensive study and meditation at Glastonbury, England. It is a residential course run by an experienced HP and HPS who come together only for Somercamp. It is a non profit event for WMT members at advanced level and people come from all over the world. It is held in the retreat at the Chalice Well. The time is spent in meditation, discussion, shadow work and group activities. These include workshops, guided meditations, discussion groups, rituals, initiations, candle-lit meditations in the Chalice Well gardens, meditations at the Goddess Temple and so on. There is some time out in the town and of course the Tor, but basically we walk, talk, eat and sleep Wicca.

The next Somercamp is scheduled for September 2007. Cost is approx 200 GBP for the week full board. By application only.


In addition to Somercamp we also hold minicamps both in UK and in USA for initiates only.
One to One: If one to one Priestess training calls to you go to priestess.org.uk We currently have a small group of students at different levels.

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